Travel KOLO by Vacation Places

Travel KOLO by Vacation Places

Travel KOLO is an easy and convenient travel savings plan specifically designed by Vacation Places Limited to help achieve your holiday/vacation dreams. It is fashioned after the traditional Yoruba “kolo” (piggy bank). The product is designed to help our subscribers make adequate and convenient financial plan for their upcoming trip/holiday/vacation over specified period by setting aside certain amount of money periodically – daily, weekly or monthly. The essence is to help reduce the stress of having to raise and pay money in lump sum for travel/holiday/vacation.

Our Promise To You/Our Uniques Offering

  • Convenience – Save from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Upfront info – Get to know about our travel and promo packages on time
  • Discounts – Get discounts on all of our travel services as they are always the first
  • Savings – Apart from being a platform to save, saved funds can be used for 3rd parties – family and friends
Travel KOLO Promise

Travel KOLO Package

Our Travel KOLO package allows you to set aside money to pay in installments for our running holiday/vacation packages that is already selling on our platform. Here, since we already have a target amount you are planning towards and the specific period within which you need to put money aside, we will help you plan towards saving the specified amount for the said package.

Travel KOLO Vacation

This involves planning and saving towards a trip that has not been decided. Here, we offer you a variety of options to choose from or you choose the destination and save towards the trip or decide the destination after a considerable amount of money has been saved.

How to Join us:

Subscribers can get on board with us on the package by any of the following formats: Calls to speak directly to our travel advisors or direct mails to our email address

We will revert promptly via email through any of our travel advisors.

What next?

Upon sign up confirmation from us, you can commence your savings (daily/weekly/monthly) with us through e-funds transfer.

Upon receipt of your payment, we will send Email confirmation to acknowledge

Travel Offerings

Our assorted travel offerings which includes various exotic destinations from our tailor-made packaged can be assessed on our website.  Any of our travel advisors can be contacted to assist in making your dreams a reality in this regard.

Terms & Conditions

  • You will be required to make a minimum savings daily/weekly/monthly depending on the chosen package.
  • Your savings may be utilised to benefit from any of our product offerings
  • You may transfer the benefit to third party (Family/Friends)
  • The cut-off period for saving towards any package is a maximum of three (3) weeks before the proposed travel date.
  • Where the subscriber is no longer interested in going through with the plan and wishes to cash out, a penalty of 10% of the deposited amount will be deducted before refund.
  • Refund can only be effected after minimum period specified in the contract.

Target clients/Is This For Me?

Our Vacation Places Travel KOLO is fit for lower, upper, middle class, students, Business owners and whoever wants to travel. This plan is designed for all as it is all encompassing. It is affordable and convenient which also gives you the opportunity to plan ahead for your trip. You don’t have to rob a bank to afford a vacation😊


Q: Is this for me?

Ans: Yes, it is for everyone who wants to travel sooner or later.

Q: How convenient is it?

Ans: It is very easy and convenient as you can pay from the comfort of your home/offices through your debit/credit card or by reaching out to us through our contact information

Q: How long do I have to save?

Ans: Depending on the specified package you want on how fast you will want to complete the payment; the savings plan will be split into the amounts for the days, weeks or months leading to the completion of the payment.

Q: How do I start?

Ans: You can start by calling any of travel advisors on (08180803328,08069313116) or send a mail to